Access marketing expertise through a Unilever mentor

  • Sarah Mansfield avatar
    Sarah Mansfield VP Global Media Europe and Americas
  • An Bellemans avatar
    An Bellemans Global VP Cornetto, Max/Paddle Pop, Cafe Zero
  • Kaarthik Subramani avatar
    Kaarthik Subramani VP
  • Luis Di Como avatar
    Luis Di Como Senior Vice President
    Global Media
  • Yves Geisenberger avatar
    Yves Geisenberger Global Vice President - Fabric Conditioners
  • Jon Goldstone avatar
    Jon Goldstone Global Marketing VP - Baking, Cooking and Spreads
  • Christina Habib avatar
    Christina Habib Global CMI VP - Refreshment & Human Cultural Futures
  • Chet Henderson avatar
    Chet Henderson VP Insight
    Personal Care
  • Keith Higgins avatar
    Keith Higgins Global SVP
  • Robert Kitching avatar
    Robert Kitching VP Consumer and Market Insight, Foods & Sustainable Business
  • David Lowes avatar
    David Lowes Senior Vice President
  • Andrea Martens avatar
    Andrea Martens VP Marketing, Managing Director
    Home and Personal Care
  • Paul Nevett avatar
    Paul Nevett VP Marketing
  • Shawn O'Neal avatar
    Shawn O'Neal VP Global Marketing Data and Analytics
  • Romi Arya avatar
    Romi Arya Marketing Innovation and Technology Business Partner
  • Véronique Trang avatar
    Véronique Trang Senior Manager
  • Lorenzo Pasciuto avatar
    Lorenzo Pasciuto ABM Digital and Social
  • Pavan Guru avatar
    Pavan Guru Manager
    DMS/Food Category
  • Claudia Cruz avatar
    Claudia Cruz Manager
    DMS/Oral Care
  • Jo Hyder avatar
    Jo Hyder Digital Manager
    Foods Category Digital
  • Ian Busch avatar
    Ian Busch Director
  • Zeta Fotakopoulou avatar
    Zeta Fotakopoulou Manager Media
    Homecare & UL Brand
  • Matt Burgess avatar
    Matt Burgess Foundry
  • Alex Dinsdale avatar
    Alex Dinsdale Programme Manager
    DMS/Personal Care
  • Aditya Mohan avatar
    Aditya Mohan Manager Social and Brand Love
  • Neil Taylor avatar
    Neil Taylor Manager