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  • Unilever Foundry: 100 Pilot Montage

    The Unilever Foundry have worked on over 100 pilot projects where we've partnered innovative start-ups with our global brands and functions to stimulate and facilitate experimentation within our organisation. Check out some of our work.

  • Unilever Foundry: Cornetto & Vidsy

    Cornetto was looking for a new way to engage millennial by creating engaging content. Through The Unilever Foundry, the Cornetto team partnered with Vidsy, who have a platform that allows brands to tap into a new generation of creators. Here are the results.

  • The Unilever Foundry: Lux & Gametize Case Study

    How to disrupt targeted female consumers in less than 6 seconds? With the Foundry’s support, Lux brand team partnered with Gametize to build a Fragrance Squeezer across their platforms to engage and excite the Lux lovers in a fun & interesting way on the house of Lux website.

  • The Unilever Foundry: Lifebouy & NextBillion Case Study

    Pepsodent and Lifebouy were facing a struggle to reach rural consumers in Bangladesh due to the limited traditional media channels. Together with Foundry, the teams engaged Next Billion to create a rural solution, Mobile Movies, a pop-up movie theatre to bring the targeted users together everyday with entertaining programs and use the gatherings to show educational videos and introduce product samples & positive behaviors to community.

  • Unilever Foundry: Marmite & Intervino Case Study

    Through partnering with Intervino, Marmite were able to offer consumers the ability to personalise their own marmite jars.

  • Unilever Foundry: Knorr & Novalia Case Study

    Through partnering with Novalia, Knorr were able to bring the sense to life in the store through digital technology, making it interactive and engaging for the shopper who's looking for a meal solution, bringing the retail store environment alive.

  • Unilever Foundry: CMI & WeeSeeThrough Case Study

    Through Unilever Foundry, Unilever’s CMI department partnered with video research start-up WeSeeThrough. This was to help them close the gap between what consumers say they do and what the actually do.

  • Unilever Foundry: CMI & Discuss.IO Case Study

    Through Unilever Foundry, Unilever's CMI department partnered with online qualitative research company Discuss.IO. This was to help them gather insights from consumers at a local level in a fast and effective way.

  • Unilever Foundry: Magnum & Olapic Case Study

    To amplify the Magnum Pleasure Store in the UK, the ice cream brand partnered with Unilever Foundry and Olapic to identify engaging user generated content, curate it and gain permission to use it across its communications channels.

  • Unilever Foundry: Knorr & Digital Genius Case Study

    How can Knorr help people answer 'What's for dinner tonight' via feature phones? Through the Unilever Foundry, Knorr partnered with Digital Genius to answer this question in South Africa...and now we're looking at scaling this model in markets around the world.

  • Unilever Foundry: #brightfuture & Upworthy Case Study

    Through Unilever Foundry, Unilever partnered with viral content website Upworthy, to ‘pass on’ content that matters for its brightFuture platform.

  • Unilever Foundry: Touchcast Case Study

    Unilever teams are spread all over the world, making it challenging to communicate effectively. Partnering with Touchcast, we're using video as an online interactive medium to share insights with our colleagues globally.

  • Unilever Foundry: Lynx/Axe & Sofar Sounds Case Study

    Axe/Lynx was looking for a way to targeting a new, more understated consumer with the launch of a new product range. Through Unilever Foundry, the team found Sofar Sounds, who organise intimate gigs around the world. Here are the results.

  • Unilever Foundry: Magnum & New Aer Case Study

    Through partnering with NewAer, we're embedding iBeacon technology into our ice cream cabinets to connect Magnum's Pleasure seekers: mPulse

  • The Unilever Foundry: OMO Express & aLavaderia Case Study

    OMO Express embraces DIG’s purpose and mission to allows people to live life, get dirty and never worry again about Laundry. OMO Express offers laundry and dry-cleaning service, delivering more convenience, better quality using OMO products, and reducing environmental impact. Choose your pick-up and delivery time slot on OMO Express and get your laundry fresh and folded delivered at your doorstep.