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By 2020 Unilever wants to make sustainable living a reality for 1 billion people by collaborating with innovators around the world. Can you help us on our mission?

Product & Ingredients
Unilever first sold its Sunlight soap in the UK in 1885, at a time when poverty and poor hygiene levels were at their highest. Today Knorr is making a difference to a 1 million people by giving them a nutritious meal through the World Food Programme. How can we make basic hygiene and nutrition commonplace for everyone?
Consumer & Market Intelligence
In 2004 Dove broke the mould by working with real women to create a world where beauty became a source of confidence not anxiety. To develop campaigns like this we need world class understanding of our consumers. How can you help us find new and exciting ways to really understand what's in people's hearts and minds.
Marketing, AdTech & e-Commerce
In 1899 Lintas was formed as an in-house advertising agency for Lever brands. The brands we have today have changed, as have the 2 billion people we serve each day, but our appetitive for innovation in marketing remains constant.
Sustainability & Social Entrepreneurs
Join us on our mission to create a #brightfuture and make sustainable living a reality for 1 billion people. Are you ready to collaborate and help us find ways to reduce our impact on the environment whilst making lives better?
Enterprise Tech
We have over 171,000 people working at Unilever in all corners of the world. We want your innovative solutions that will help us to work better. Better for us and better for the planet.